for Owners

Twin ange is

“fashion brand whose clothes maker’s faces people can see”

The shop is an atelier and you can repair clothes on the spot.

The following services will be provided to those for owners.

If your clothes break, shipped to atelier or bring it.

Twin angeは「生産者が見えるファッションブランド」です。




  1. Free repair including parts fee if the button is removed or lost.

  2. Free repairs that do not change the fabric or parts such as frayed seams.

  3. Paid upgrade to an improved version of the product.

* A separate round-trip shipping fee is required.
* Estimate separately for fabric and parts change repairs, etc.

  1. ボタンが外れたり紛失したりした場合の部品代を含む無料修理

  2. ほつれた縫い目などの生地や部品を変更しない無料修理。

  3. 製品の改良版への有料アップグレード。