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Get power by wearing. Bite the bullet.
「身にまとって強くなる 立ち向かえる」


Product details
Jumper skirt
Tie / String ribbon
Metal charm

Jumper skirt and short blouse setup.

Military fashion has become a tight high waist silhouette design unique to Twin ange.

The blouse is made with chino cloth used in military uniforms.

You can enjoy two military looks with one outfit, a style that is tight with a blouse in the jumper, a style that moves vigorously and shows the ribbon from under the blouse.

The blouse pocket is embroidered with angel wings.

Tie with a silver heart feather charm and a string ribbon included.


​​ミリタリーファッションが Twin ange ならではのタイトなハイウエストシルエットデザインになりました。





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